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“Tell me and I will forget… Show me and I may remember… Involve me and I will learn…”
– Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to The Focus Room

Immersive learning is the key to positive behavioral change and emotional resilience for students in the 21st century. The principles of emotional intelligence, mindfulness and an understanding of personal narratives must be integrated into current curriculums to assist our students in the process of becoming more complete, knowledgeable and compassionate human beings.

Preparing Students for The 21st Century

The Focus Room is a leading edge project in the field of K through 12 education. The Focus Room takes a holistic approach to education supported by new neuroscientific understandings and aided by 21st century technologies. Virtual Reality allows us to expose students to an infinite range of educational and therapeutic experiences. These immersive experiences help the students to better understand their world and more importantly to better understand themselves.

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